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Home Health Care Knows No Age

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Conversations about home health care frequently revolve around the elderly, but it is good to remember that quality care in your own home can be the best solution for a variety of circumstances.

There are many reasons non-seniors might require trained healthcare professionals at home:

Pregnancy, fertility shots, and postpartum care:

Assistance with bed rest, fertility injections and treatments, and postpartum check-ups are just a few ways home health care services can support families.


Transportation to and from surgery, and surgical aftercare:

Having surgery? Most facilities require you to have proper transport home. If you find yourself in need of a ride, hiring a helper might be the way to go. Caregivers can also provide assistance afterwards as you recover.


Caring for patients of any age who have disabilities and injuries:

Home care can include medical care or assistance with daily activities, housekeeping, or companionship. Often, incorporating home care makes it possible for adults with additional needs to live independently and have a higher quality of life.


Injection care:

Does your health require administering injections at home, but you're feeling a little squeamish? A registered nurse can come straight to your house and help you with injections and IV treatments, on a temporary or on-going basis.


Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and Best Home Care is dedicated to ensuring our clients have access to the care they need in the space where they are comfortable. There are no minimum hours required for service, and the in-home clinical assessment is free.

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